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How many years of dreams, how many years to decades of struggle, forge the brilliant; in the new century, embark on a new journey, "Aote" were full of pride. And the rhythm of the times, based on solid, take strong step, "Aote" tomorrow is full of hope。



Achievement belongs to yesterday. With today's efforts, there will be a brilliant tomorrow. "Every time the sun rises, when we start from scratch." We are well aware of the fierce market competition, we also know that the "sail against the current". We are continuing efforts, development, we believe that the company will be on the upgrade, we believe that the company will have a more brilliant tomorrow, we believe that the enterprise will become China's leisure products industry star.



The rapid development of the times inspired "Aote" people make efforts determination, advances in technology make our confidence. Today is the "Aote" starting point. In the cause of the road the truth to peer friend, acquaintance, stand together through storm and stress, to discuss the leisure products industry in the future, reflect their life values, to work together toward a brilliant tomorrow.




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