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Mid-level leading cadres

Middle-level cadres incentives and assessment restraint mechanism, and gradually form the middle of cadres, treatment can go up or down the dynamic

Management mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and sense of innovation and reform of the mid-level leadership cadres, and enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of mission of the cadres。

1、Revenue Allocation to change the middle-level cadres, fully linked to the income of the middle-level cadres of the unit results。

2、The implementation of leading cadres at risk of mortgage payment system。

3、Innovative middle-level cadres annual evaluation schemes, the establishment of a scientific and fair middle-level cadres appraisal system, increase evaluation functions of the cadres promoted exchanges out and reward linked to efforts to use。


Reserve cadres

Establish re-selection, more importantly, culture, bold, dynamic management of the reserve cadres management mechanism。

1、Create a new reserve cadres selection mechanism, do a good job of reserve cadres selection。

2、To increase reserve cadres culture promoted efforts to use。

3、The reserve cadres dynamic management mechanism。


Marketing personnel

1、Create marketing efforts "two mechanisms"。

2、Open recruitment dealership personnel to improve the quality of the marketing staff。


Technical staff

Focusing on a comprehensive selection of professional and technical leaders and technology projects bidding, reward stimulate enthusiasm and creativity to the work of scientific and technical personnel。

1、Established leadership and technical personnel to ingratiate themselves with the contact system. Fully reflect the care and love of the senior leadership of technicians and workers technicians。

2、Selection and training of professional and technical leaders, the establishment of a trapezoidal-level technical team of top-notch talent, and give full play to take the lead of their academic and point to an area。


Operation of workforce

Adhere to a variety of incentives, highlighting the distribution according to work, the basic principle of distribution according to contribution reward, fully reflects the wide range of large operating labor value.

1、Operatives cascade training with incentives。

2、The leadership of the company to ingratiate themselves with the workers technicians contact system。

3、Established operating workers yield commission bonus distribution policy。

4、Vigorously carry out the activities of workers in the operation division with only。

5、In accordance with the idea of "professional, trades, and actively carry out multi-skill activities。






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