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Competition of modern enterprises, in fact, is the talent competition. Our talent strategy stems from large Founder, kind, fair, good faith "of the values adhere to" people-oriented, poly before Societe Generale "management philosophy and" open, just and fair "employment criteria, promoting common development of enterprises and employees, as create wealth "value orientation.


1、"Open, just and fair" employment criteria

Public - any policy is closely related to the vital interests of the employees, the introduction of the system should be fully listen to the views of staff and the supervision of the staff is widely accepted in the implementation process. Fair - fair verdict on the basis of common values mployees; each employee a clear, challenging goals and tasks, a fair verdict based on employee performance.

Fair - give each employee labor to reflect the return of the "internal equity and external fairness"; provide fair opportunities and conditions for the development of each employee, to expand fair competition on the basis of sincere cooperation and responsibility commitment。


2、Advocates "common development of enterprises and employees"

Stressed people-oriented corporate employees and common development of enterprises, respect for employees' career development needs. Recommendations provide employees with career development process, it is necessary to consider the company's future strategic needs, but also to consider the employees 'personality traits, aptitude, vocational interests and other factors that affect the success of the employees' career, the employees and the company to form a community of interests, employees to share the benefits of enterprise development。


3、Create wealth for society's value orientation of social responsibility is the essential characteristic of a successful business

As a responsible corporate, nurturing talent, providing employment opportunities not only to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, is also a corporate obligations to society when large enterprises actively engaged in public welfare undertakings, both employees feel the family atmosphere of the enterpriseincreased employee pride and cohesion, but also inspired the staff and customer service, investment enthusiasm of the work to maintain good communication and interaction of business and society. Through the donor socially vulnerable groups, and other forms of public service activities, to promote the positive, healthy, mutual aid, up in society。



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